Well the weekend has come to an end. I hope you all enjoyed it. Tomorrow we will start a new fundamentals class at 6PM if you,  or if you know anyone interested then tomorrow night a 6 is a great place to start the fitness journey. I look forward to seeing everyone on the gym tomorrow!!!

Workout of the Day:

1) Coach Led Warm-up

2) Take 15 Minutes to work on a goal

3) For time complete

27-21-15-19-3reps of 

Push Press 75/55

Over the bar burpees



Competition Programming:

1) Power Cleans - Work up to a heavy set of 3

2) 5x3 Clean pulls pausing for 2 seconds 1 inch off the ground, 2 seconds in the hang, and 2 seconds in the power position then finish the pull using 80% of todays heaviest lift

3) Back Squat - 

1x10@ 60%

1x8@ 65%

1x6@ 70%

1x6@ 75%

1x6@ 80%

4) Front Squat - 

1x5@ 60%

1x5@ 70%


5) For time complete

60 Calorie Row

60 Pull-ups

60 Calorie Row

6) Mobility/Stretching