The weekend is here. Lets get this Saturday started with a partner WOD. Great work this week and now lets finish strong!!

Workout of the Day:

1) Coach led warm-up

2) In teams of 2 complete a 20 Minute AMRAP of

5 Single Arm KB Swings Left Arm

5 KB clean and Press Left Arm

5 KB Snatches Left Arm

10 Goblet Squats

5 Single Arm KB Swings Right Arm

5 KB Clean and Press Right Arm

5 KB Snatches Right Arm


1- KB weights are 53/35

2- While Partner “A” completes a round Partner “B” will row for calories. After a round is complete switch. Add the total number of calories to the total number of reps from the AMRAP for a total score. 

3) Mobility/Stretching

Competition Programming:

1) Clean and jerk - 1x3@ 65%, 1x3@ 70%, 1x2@ 75%, 2x1@ 80%, 2x1@ 85%, 1x1@ 90%, 1x1@ 95%

2) 5x5 Clean Pulls AHAP

3) 3x20 Pistols Alternating Legs

Rest as needed between rounds

4) For time complete a 250 Calorie Cycle

5a) 4x8 Ab wheel roll outs

5b) 4x60 Sec fwd lean in the rings (lower the rings to about fist distance from the floor and hold it like a plank)

Alternate between the 2 resting 60 seconds between exercises 1:30-2:00 between rounds

6) Mobility/Stretching