Well we are down in Seattle for the March of Dimes march for preemies. I again just want to to say thanks to all of you who helped us reach our goal of $550 raised. Remember that Pioneer will be shut down tomorrow for Holland Happening. The good thing is all your functional fitness training you do each day will have prepared you to walk that little extra!!!

Workout of the Day:

1) Coach led warm-up



2) 6 Rounds for working time of

15 Walking lunges

10 T2B

5 Deadlifts @ 70% of your 1RM

Rest 90 sec between rounds


Notes: Since the rest is built in that means give each round a 100%


3) Mobility/Stretching


Competition Training:

1) Bench Press Light Day:

After warming up complete 2x8 @ 67.5% of your 1RM



2a) 3x10 Strict Ring Dips

60 Sec rest

2b) 3x10 Strict HSPU

60 sec rest

2c) 3x10 Hand release push-ups

1:30 rest


Notes: Complete the second part as a circuit.


3) Death by C2B pull-ups and burpees


Notes: 1st minute complete 1 C2B Pull-up 1 Burpee. 2nd minute 2 of each. So on and so forth till you can't complete the prescribed number of reps for whichever minute your on.


4a) 4x15 GHD Sit-ups

4b) 4x7 Ab wheel roll out


5) Mobility/Stretching