Workout of the Day: 

1) Coach Led Warm-up

2) 4xME strict Pull-ups + Kipping Pull-ups

Notes: Complete a max effort set of strict pull-ups and then without dropping from the bar complete a max effort set of kipping pull-ups. Rest as needed between  rounds

3) 15 Minute AMRAP of 

5 Air squats

10 Push-ups

15 Pull-ups

4) Mobility/Stretching

Competition Programming:

1a) Deadlift 5x5@ 85% (after your last rep of each set do 6 power shrugs)

1b) Bench Press 5x5@ 85%

1c) GHD sit-ups 5x12

Complete as a circuit resting 60-90 seconds between exercise and 2:00(ish) between rounds

2) 4 Rounds for time of

20 Calorie Cycle 

20 Burpees

3) Mobility/Stretching