Lets give a shoutout to our newest coaches, Chris, Linnell, and Kirk. These three are excellent coaches and will be great assets to the CFOH team. Thanks to you three for sharing your knowledge to our members and helping them all reach there goals. 

General Programming:

1) Coach led Warm-up


2) In teams of two complete the following


7:00 as a team to find a 5RM Deadlift (each person will find there 5RM and add them together to get a total)


5:00 Rest then for time


50 cal row done as a relay (each person will complete the 50 cal row)

50 KB swings

50 Push presses

45 Cal Row done as a relay

45 KB swings

45 Push presses

40 Cal row done as a relay

40 KB swings

40 Push presses


Notes: the KB swings and push presses can be broken up however needs be. The only task both members must each do is the row.


3) Mobility/stretching

1a) Couch Stretch

1b) Classic shoulder stretch


Competition Programming:

1) C&J  1x3@ 65% 2x3@ 70% 2x1@ 75% 2x1@ 80%, 1X1@ 85%, 1x3@ 70%  of 1RM Clean and Jerk


2) Front Squat 3X5 at a tempo of 3303 (so thats 3 seconds in the descent 3 seconds in the bottom up fast 3 seconds in the top) Heavier than last week.


3) 3xME set of MU then 5x3 with a 1:00 rest between sets


4) EMOM for 24 min

Minute 1- 7 KB swings (russian) 53/35

Minute 2- 7 KB push presses 53/35

Minute 3- 10 T2B


5) Mobility/stretching


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