Ealry bird pricing for the Lurong Championship challenge ends on Sunday. Its 33% savings, so if your thinking about joining us in the challenge then there is no better time than now. I participated last year and had great results. I lost inches while gaining strength and my performance went up on each and every workout that we tested and retested. Not to mention the camaraderie it built was awesome. Everyone was talking about what they ate how they felt etc. You can go to this website https://challengeseries.lurongliving.com/champ15/ to register. 

General Programming:

1) Coach led Warm-up


2) For time complete the following

Run 1 mile then

5 rounds of

6 Power cleans 145/100

6 Front squats 145/100

6 Push jerks 145/100 then

Run 1 mile


Notes: use only one bar. So if you need to scale the weight then it gets scaled for all three movements


3) Mobility/Stretching

1a) Couch stretch

1b) Double lacrosse ball low back smash


Competition Programming:

1) EMOM for 5 minutes complete 3 power snatches starting at 50% + 10lbs of your max snatch and adding 5 lbs each minute.


2) EMOM for 5 minutes complete 3 power cleans plus 1 jerk starting at 50% +10lbs of your max and adding 5 lbs every minute


3) Back Squat 1X8@ 70%, 1x8@ 75%, 2x4@ 80%, 2x2@ 85%


4) For time

50 over the box manmakers


Notes: instead of pressing out the dumbbells at the end of the manmaker set up and over a 20 inch box


5) Mobility/stretching


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