Hows the second week of the challenge going? I know I was feeling sluggish towards the end of last week but have changed up what I was eating some. Remember that there are others in the challenge, talk to them and see if they have any good tips if your tired, maybe share a recipe or two, no matter what just keep trucking along. Last year it took almost two weeks till I had it locked down and was feeling great.

General Programming:

1) Coach led Warm-up


2) Burgener Warmup

1. Down and finish x5

2. High Pull x5

3. Muscle snatch x5

4. Snatch drops 2”,4”,6”

5. Snatch Drop As deep as possible

Skill Transfer exercises

1. Snatch grip Push press x5

2. Overhead squats x5

3. Snatch drop as deep as possible x5


3) For time complete 15-12-9-12-15 reps of

Snatch 75/55

C2B pull-ups


Notes: The snatch should be a full snatch starting from the floor and finishing in an overhead squat. Only power snatch if you don't have the mobility to safely land in the bottom of the snatch.


4) Mobility/stretching


Competition Programming:

1) C&J  1x2@ 70%, 1x2@ 75% 5x2@ 80%, 1X1@ 85%, 1x1@ 90% 1x1@ 95%  of 1RM Clean and Jerk


2) Front Squat 3X5 at a tempo of 3303 (so thats 3 seconds in the descent 3 seconds in the bottom up fast 3 seconds in the top) Heavier than last week.


3) 3xME set of MU then 4x4 with a 1:00 rest between sets


4) 2 Rounds for reps of

1 min of Dead Lifts 225/155

1min rest

1 min calorie cycle

45 sec rest

1 min of strict HSPU

30 sec rest

1 min of strict pull-ups


Rest 2:00 between rounds


5) Mobility/stretching

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1. Mary wrote:
I to feel sluggish. I didn't realize it until your post. Both yesterday and to day during the work out it just got supper hard. I know that it can take up to two weeks to start to feel better. SO I hope I am turning the corner. What did you do to help with the way you were feeling.

Wed, September 23, 2015 @ 10:24 AM

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